Cloud Security

At HeimLantz, we take security seriously, which is why we want to provide full disclosure of our cloud security measures. We believe it is your right be informed. Please review the following details of how we protect the personal data you provide to us and our systems.

HeimLantz, CPAs and Advisors stores all information provided by clients in the cloud. The HeimLantz cloud is a Tier 3 DataCenter behind multiple layers of security designed specifically to keep unauthorized individuals out. Our cloud is a hybrid providing for added security measures. The infrastructure of the network is private, and the virtual servers that store HeimLantz client information, and servers that we can access remotely, only contain HeimLantz data and applications. Additionally, these servers can only be accessed by HeimLantz’s approved users. Both our firm and our IT platform manager carry coverage designed specifically to protect our infrastructure and client data.

With respect to protecting client data when sending and receiving sensitive documents, or those containing personal data, we have a secure portal for sharing documents and files between the firm and our clients, and we use Citrix ShareFile to securely email documents.

We understand that securing your personal data is a major priority when protecting yourself from fraud. If you have concerns, we invite you talk to our staff about what we are doing to protect you.