DeeDee Janos has worked in client services at HeimLantz since 2014. Find out how DeeDee spends her day, what she loves most about her job, and the key things she feels you need to be an Office Manager at HeimLantz.

How do you start your day?
Generally, I start my day by making sure everything is set up for the day’s events. I normally begin by checking my calendar for client meetings and conference room’s reservations. Then, I check my voicemail and emails and schedule any follow ups I might have for the day. Sometimes I will have to set up for a day’s meeting or event, or I’ll clean up the kitchen. Every day is different based on the firm’s happenings. I always like to know which clients have appointments and what meetings are scheduled for that day.

What does your work station look like?
My work station has everything I need to complete my tasks. I have a huge desk to accommodate a printer, scanner, credit card machine, check scanner, postage machine, label maker and phone. I love my space to be orderly, however, at some point in the day there is a guarantee that there might be some chaos going on (especially during tax season). I like to take a break in the afternoon to reorganize my desk and reassess my to-do list. I never leave the day without my desk being completely clear (even WIPED down).

Is every day the same?
No two days are alike and that is one of the aspects about my job I like the most. There are so many things that happen at the front desk, you can never predict anything. One day there could be a 10 client meetings scheduled, another day interviews taking place, another day a bridal shower and another, a firm-wide happy hour! It keeps me on my toes!

What are the hardest things you deal with?
The hardest part of my job is that I can’t always control my time. I always have to adapt to whatever is happening at the moment. At any second in the day a client or team member can have a need that I have to address immediately. It can mean dropping what I am doing at the moment to tackle the problem. As part of my job, I always have to be flexible to meet the needs of others within the office.

What are your favorite parts of your job?
My favorite part of my job is meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients and team members. I love our firm’s purpose of “Making Lives Better” and how our firm embodies that principle every day. It never has to be anything big. It can be remembering a client’s child’s name or sending flowers to a client who needs their spirit lifted. It can be as simple as always having a client’s favorite candy on hand or remembering which team member loves mustard and which one hates vegetables!

I enjoy getting to know people, remembering little details about them, and making them feel special. I also like the opportunity to do many different things within the firm. I like to choose where I focus my energy. I get to make a lot of decisions and control how my job is done. I have the freedom to do my job the best way I know how!

What is a short description of what your job entails, in your own words?
I am the Office Manager, responsible for the total function of the office. From ordering supplies to managing repairs, I have done everything from interviewing potential employees, to creating an emergency plan that ensures the safety of our office occupants. My goal is to keep all the moving parts operating as smoothly as possible and to meet the needs of clients and team members.

How do you end your day?
I like to ensure that everything is done before I leave for the day. I make sure that everything is put away in an orderly fashion and ready for the next day, as well as making sure that everything is clean before I leave the office.

Is there anything else that you want to add about your job that others should know if they want to consider this career?
I really love my job but to do this job you have to really enjoy working with people, problem solving, and creating and managing processes to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.