Happy and Caring People Make Us Better

Diane Brewer

Diane is a superb manager. She has the ability to look out for the needs of her clients and team members, making herself constantly available to accommodate others’ schedules.   Her fellow employees describe her as a wonderful teacher. Diane’s great focus allows her to complete and deliver projects in a timely manner—she embodies HeimLantz’s core value of “getting it done.” Her warmth and care, coupled with her expertise, put clients’ minds at ease.

Shannon Martin
Administrative Assistant

Shannon is a team player. She embodies HeimLantz’s core value of collaboration by always being willing to help in any situation, taking time to teach rather than direct, and consistently modeling positivity and motivation. These qualities make her a pleasure to work with. Shannon’s constant drive to better the timeliness and efficiency of her work result in her being a great resource throughout the office.

Annemarie Heim

Annemarie is a strong manager. She is able to build lasting relationships with both clients and team members, and works hard to make their lives better.  She recently worked on a complex audit. Annemarie’s ability to work through complex projects and overcome various complicated obstacles, makes her a valuable member of the HeimLantz team.  Annemarie embodies the firm’s core value of “getting it done” in her work for clients and her contributions to a healthy work culture.

Andrew Hippler
Senior Accountant

Andrew is a fantastic collaborator. He is proactive when it comes to getting work started, but equally as good at keeping things moving, paying special attention to ensure that individual portions of larger projects are prepared in the necessary order and receive timely review.  On top of that, Andrew has the ability to make work fun, from lightening the mood with a joke to keeping team members’ attention during training with silly video clips. He makes the lives of fellow HeimLantz employees better by both doing his job well and being a joy to work with.

DeeDee Janos
Client Services

DeeDee embodies HeimLantz’s core value of “Happy and Caring People Make Us Better.” She works hard to take care of clients and team members alike, always striving to make everyone’s experience as pleasant as possible. From the small things, like having on hand a client’s favorite soda or candy, to the large—celebrating in others’ successes and offering sympathy when they face challenges—DeeDee always goes above and beyond. The level of care, compassion, and helpfulness that she provides to those around her make her a valuable member of the HeimLantz team.

Kathi Lynch
Billing Specialist

Kathi excels at outside-the-box thinking. She is always coming up with ways to improve the experience of both clients and team members, and taking the necessary steps to launch them. Knowing that clients want and expect HeimLantz to stay current with technology and conveniences, Kathi recently independently researched and implemented a new online payment system, and educated clients and co-workers on both its use and benefits.  Her independence and focus on improving the experience of clients make Kathi a valuable team member.