Keeping your equipment on the jobsite is not possible without taking care of your tools using the proper maintenance. While this saves jobsites money, it can also keep workers safe and efficient, leading to a prosperous and successful project.

In an article from Construction Business Owner author Gregg Mangialardi writes, “While the short-term goal may be to save money on replacement equipment, every business owner knows that maintaining a safe work environment contributes to the success of his/her employees and the company”.

In his article, Mangialardi discusses:

  • Keeping the motor running smoothly
  • Noticing the cords
  • Remembering maintenance starts with your crew

Mangialardi continues, “Proper equipment maintenance is essential to a functioning jobsite, a profitable business and a safe team. By taking an extra step to be concerned about both your tools and your people, you can create an atmosphere that facilitates success”.  How does your company keep your equipment up and running?

See the full article from Gregg Mangialardi in Construction Business Owner.