The 2017 outlook for the construction industry is promising, and a lot of that is based on the plans of the Trump administration to invest in infrastructure. Industry forecasters expect more projects in the coming year, which is great for construction business owners. However, they still face the familiar frustration of the construction industry’s labor shortage. It’s estimated that two-thirds of U.S. contractors can’t find qualified workers.

In his new zlien article, “5 Ways to Tackle the Construction Labor Shortage,” Bob Drainville offers some tips for business owners. Here are a few of those:

  • Beef up your recruitment efforts
  • Automate processes and embrace new technology
  • Make safety your top priority

“Prioritizing workers’ physical and emotional wellbeing is paramount to a positive working environment,” writes Drainville. “Construction-related injuries are an ongoing issue that can take a heavy toll on the individual, and have a ripple effect in the costs involved from compensation payments, replacing the worker, and the impact on employee morale and your brand reputation. Engaging in open dialogue with your workers, building trusted relationships, and providing a clear path for advancement is key.”

To read more of Drainville’s suggestions, see his full article for zlien.