We have seen advancement in construction equipment over the past decade. But, is the biggest transformation still to come?

In an article from Construction Informer author Clive Winward writes, “There are some big shifts taking place in the field of construction equipment telematics. Starting with the integration of telematics devices in vehicles right from the manufacturer, to the standardization and integration of telematics data across various business functions”.

In the article Winward discusses:

  • Idling makes no sense
  • Using data in equipment telematics
  • API data revolution
  • Putting time into decisions
  • Smarter systems on the horizon

Winward continues, “The real transformation on the horizon is one where advanced streams of data combine to create entirely new ways of managing machines”. How will your company benefit from the new ways to manage machines?

To read more, see the full article from Clive Winward in Construction Informer.