On Wednesday, December 12, certified Gravitas Coaches, Carter Heim and Bob Shannon, joined new Gravitas leader, Zack Greene in hosting a 2019 Planning Event.

Six local businesses joined our coaching team.  The group focused creating steps to develop a 2019 action plan for their businesses. Attendees employed the Four Decisions® Framework – a strategic thinking and execution process used by thousands of companies globally to grow and prosper.

Groups explored ways to accelerate growth in value and profits, how to attract and keep the right people, and how to create a strategy that tightens execution habits and conserves finances.

“Executive Team Coaching takes a holistic view of the business,” says Carter Heim, CPA. “We look at all facets of an organization including workflow, corporate values, employee needs, and more, in order to create a strategic plan design for success.”

The HeimLantz executive team coaches have more than 11 years of experience in business planning, as well as executive coaching fast growing mid-sized companies.