Rob Levit, creativity expert and musician, spoke at a recent team meeting held at the HeimLantz Annapolis office.  He had several messages for the team members.

Rob took the team members through a team building exercise by using building blocks.  A structure was built from a building block being added for each piece of the firm (clients, vendors, services, the office, etc)  identified by the team members.  After all of the pieces were identified and a building block added for each piece, the team members were able to see the firm as a structure with many different pieces that make up the structure.        

Another concept that Rob explained was that of a threshold. He explained every time you walk across a threshold it is an opportunity for a fresh start. If you start your day off in a traffic jam, once you arrive at your office or client’s place of business and walk across the threshold,  you should leave the traffic jam and stress on the other side of the threshold rather than take it with you.   The same exercise works for your personal life too; once you get home, leave the stress outside as you walk across the threshold. 

Mr. Levit spoke of mission statements and explained the importance of having a personal mission statement as well as a company mission statement.

Rob Levit is an Annapolis resident. He is a musician, educator and creativity expert. His website is