Personal Financial Planning

Ever notice how there’s always a disclaimer with investment opportunities that warns you to “Consult your tax advisor?” Well that’s precisely why HeimLantz has built a team of Financial Advisors who are both CPAs and Certified Personal Financial Specialists. We’re both unbiased because we do not represent any particular investment vehicles, and we have the ability to understand how all the pieces of your financial puzzle fit and work together.

Often the issue is not how much you earn, but how much you keep. We consider your business and personal goals and help you take all the steps to minimize tax liability, retain wealth, and plan a secure future for you and your loved ones.

Below are the 10 key wealth care issues that our financial advisors will address with you as needed. Mouse over each for some of the questions you likely need to consider.

Investment PlanningDoes your investment portfolio meet your goals? Are you diversified across a broad range of asset classes, does your rate of return meet your goals?

Tax PlanningHow much income tax are you paying on your investments?

Business PlanningDo you know how much your business is worth? Do you have a succession plan in place?

Income ProtectionHow will you pay your bills if you become ill or injured? Is your definition of disability the same as your insurance carrier’s?

Estate PlanningWho’s going to minimize your estate taxes, who do you want to handle this?

InsuranceWhen was the last time you reviewed your coverage to make sure you have the right policies?

Education PlanningHow much will a four year cost education cost you? What savings plans should you use?

Retirement PlanningWhen do you plan to retire, how much are you contributing?

Special SituationsWhich areas of your wealth management plan will be affected following a divorce? If Alzheimer’s strikes you or a loved one, how will you cope?

Debt ManagementDo you have a debt relief schedule in place to handle your outstanding loans? Have you reviewed your credit report lately?