Business Consulting

The professionals at HeimLantz want to work with businesses to help them achieve their goals. As advisors we work with businesses to provide the consulting and management services that best meet their needs. Our services include:

Strategic Planning

Using various tools developed by thought leaders and proven through implementation by some of the most successful companies in the country we can help your business achieve alignment and clarity of its needs and goals.

Succession Planning

Whatever the next step – sale of the business, transfer to an employee or the next generation of your family, or liquidation, our team has the experience and expertise to collaborate with you in crafting a plan that is aligned with your goals and that maximizes the value to you in the context of these goals.

Business Valuation

Business valuation is a careful balance of art and science and there are many factors beyond the numbers that impact the value of a business.  We believe that although there are important standards and practices common to all valuation engagements, each business is unique.  Our team has the training and experience to not just interpret the numbers but also to translate qualitative nuances into quantifiable and supportable values.

More Information on Business Valuation – Click here for BV Lit Support Document

Litigation Support

HeimLantz has specialists in commercial damages, personal damages, forensic accounting, divorce,  auditing, and tax to help ensure that attorneys and their clients receive comprehensive analyses, advice and expert testimony.

Forensic Services

Forensic services are often required to build a persuasive case when fraud, misappropriation, or other misconduct is alleged. Forensic services we provide include the following:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Recreation of Financial Records
  • Interviewing
  • Determination of Marital v. Non-Marital Assets
  • Fraud Deterrence Consulting
  • Determination of Damages
  • Expert Testimony

More Information on Litigation and Forensic Services – Click here for BV Lit Support Document