Topgrading is a proven interviewing and hiring method to find and hire “A” players for your organization. Using this unique process, HeimLantz CPAs & Advisors help your hiring team develop a Job Scorecard for the role you are hiring for. This approach makes sure that you are hiring to the current needs of the role and not just to a standard job description.

We will work with your hiring team and department managers to filter candidates using interviewing steps that include:

  • completing a Career History Form
  • completing an application in addition to a standard resume

Our team will conduct telephone interviews with candidates whose Career History Forms match the needs identified on the Job Scorecard. When it is determined that a candidate should proceed from the telephone interview, we work with your internal team members to conduct Core Competency Interviews.

Core Competency Interviews help determine a candidate’s core values and culture fit to your organization. We provide all interview questions to a team of three employees you designate to conduct these interviews. HeimLantz offers interviewing best practices and tips during this process.
After each Core Competency Interview, we help to debrief the interviewer and determine if the candidate should proceed to the next interview stage – the Tandem Interview.

The Tandem Interview is conducted with the two members of your executive team, hiring team, or department heads. We provide interviewees with a question guide that takes the candidate through their original application and/or Career History Form. A HeimLantz team member assists after the interview for a debrief on each candidate.

If it is decided that the candidate is a good fit based on all interviews up to this point, the HeimLantz team facilitates reference calls. This very important, but often under or incorrectly utilized, tool will be the final piece to confirm that the candidate is a right fit for your organization’s culture and goals.

For more information on our Topgrading services, please contact Laura Macauley.