“CPAs for a Healthy Bay” is a new program designed to encourage CPAs and other tax professionals to take a few simple steps to raise awareness of the urgent need to support the Chesapeake Bay through the voluntary check-off on Line 35 of the Maryland tax form. HeimLantz is proud to do its part to help educate Marylanders about the great work the Chesapeake Bay Trust does, and how easy it is to support their work.


The Chesapeake Bay Trust provides funding for vital community-based education and restoration programs that help restore precious wetlands, shorelines, native plants and trees to improve water quality. The Trust’s funding comes from three sources: generous donations from individuals and corporations, the Maryland Treasure the Chesapeake license plate, and the Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species Fund on the Maryland state income tax form.

Research shows 52% of Marylanders are “likely” and 19% are “very likely” to give to Bay restoration efforts through a voluntary check-off, if reminded at tax time. They can give any amount and it’s tax deductible the following year. Yet only 1.4% give today.