Technology is at the forefront of the future. Over the next ten years, we will see a rapidly changing environment full of innovative technology. So where will the new opportunities be over the next decade?

An article from says, “Everyone’s looking toward the future, eagerly anticipating what promises to be a long line of innovation due to rapidly evolving technology”. The article continues, “Consumers know these inventions will change the way they work and play. Not only will they make some aspects of life easier, they could quite possibly empower people to do more with less money”.

The article focuses on these 7 industries most likely to boom in the next decade:

  • The Internet of Things
  • 3-D Printing
  • Finding Trust in the Sharing Economy
  • Wearables in Healthcare
  • Virtual Reality
  • Connected Schooling
  • Digitized Hospitality

According to the article, “Through the use of technology, businesses can create experiences that flow seamlessly, making the lives of consumers and business owners far easier” How will your business enter the new technology-driven era?

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