Technology continues to grow and assist us with everyday life, but will there come a time in which we won’t be able to keep up? With the likes of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, technology is starting to become invisible.

In an article from USA Today author Bob O’Donnell writes, “In some cases, [technology will] lead to new products – but in many others, there won’t likely be much or any physical manifestations of these developments. Instead, if these technologies work as intended, they’ll start to disappear into the workings of the world and devices already around us”.

In his article, O’Donnell discusses:

  • How technology is becoming invisible
  • Why our adaptation of new tech products and services might be harder
  • The fear we have for invisible technology

O’Donnell continues, “Yes, there are some incredibly exciting developments just over the horizon, but unless enough people are ready for them, their success is far from guaranteed”. How do you feel about invisible technology, and what impacts will it have on your business?

See the full article from Bob O’Donnell in USA Today.