Technology has a huge influence on the way businesses are operated today. Often, we are succumbed to the new digital era. While technology may be changing our habits, we should remember that technology was created to enhance our lives.

In an article from CSO, author Ramon Peypoch writes, “Humans are and will always be creatures of habit. Once we learn how to do something, it’s no surprise that we’re likely to keep doing it the same way. That is until something comes along that challenges us to change, and that thing is most commonly some new technology. But if you ask people to change the way they work to fit some new technology, then you’re doing something wrong”.

In the article Peypoch discusses:

  • Replacing the human touch
  • Information overload
  • Multitasking myth

Peypoch continues, “And while automation has helped to some degree, there are still situations in which human validation can’t ever be replaced”. How is technology helping you and your employees work better and more efficient?

To read more, see the full article from Ramon Peypoch in CSO.