2017 was one of the years that saw technology transform the way we live more than ever before. From the surge of Bitcoin to automated systems assisting customers, the technology steps we made in 2017 might be the greatest to date.

In an article from Disruption Hub, author Rob Prevett writes, “Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Renewable Energy saw huge interest in 2017 attracting large companies and industry wide adoption”.

In the article, Previtt discusses:

  • From wearable to implants
  • 3D industrial printing
  • Blockchain disrupting more than banks
  • Renewables and clean energy diversify

Previtt continues, “While some technologies have leapt forward during 2017, adoption of many has been slower than expected. Before we write these technologies off as failures we should be reminded of Amara’s Law which recognises that whilst we overestimate the short term effect of a technology, we underestimate its long term impact too”.  What technology do you think will have the greatest impact in 2018?

To read more, see the full article from Rob Previtt in Disruption Hub.