Artificial intelligence has become a part of human life. Even though we created it, some aspects of our lives now depend on machine learning. With this new power comes the need to create a computer chip powerful enough for AI.

In an article from Wired author Tom Simonite writes, “While most attention to the AI boom is understandably focused on the latest exploits of algorithms beating humans at poker or piloting juggernauts, there’s a less obvious scramble going on to build a new breed of computer chip needed to power our AI future”.

In the article Simonite discusses:

  • Software companies attempting to create their own chip
  • The mechanics behind deep learning
  • Why a new kind of computer chip is needed

Simonite continues, “As more is staked on AI, the silicon substrate of the tech industry is changing—and so is where it comes from”. Will Google and Microsoft succeed in creating their own computer chip needed for the future?

To read more, see the full article from Tom Simonite in Wired.