Non-Profit Organizations

HeimLantz provides a full complement of services to support non-profit entities, from audit and attest services, to consulting and accounting support, to management of investment and/or endowment portfolios. We have helped countless organizations over the years.

We have strong experience helping organizations meet the qualifications to earn 501(c) status as well as establishing private foundations. Larger non-profits that venture into government contracting or require auditing for government grants, take full advantage of our unique depth of experience in both of these areas.

Attest, assurance and related services

  • Reporting on Internal Controls
  • Reporting on Compliance
  • Expense allocations – Functional Reporting
  • Exchange transactions – how to report
  • Endowment Funds
  • For profit subsidiaries
  • Accounting for contributed services
  • Equity restrictions – fund balance
  • Reporting on related entities

Tax and Accounting Services

  • Applying for non-profit status with the IRS
  • Preparation of Form 990 and related forms
  • Reasonable compensation considerations
  • Related entity rules
  • Unrelated business income and related taxes
  • State tax issues and compliance reporting
  • Political activity reporting
  • Expense allocations

Consulting and Accounting services

  • Vote counting/tabulation and attestation
  • Governance consulting
  • Business ethics
  • Conflicts of interest policies
  • For profit or related entities

If your organization could use a financial partner with a real depth of experience, call or email to talk to one of our non-profit experts.