Best Accounting Firms to Work For 2019

HeimLantz is proud that we are a Best Accounting Firm to Work For!

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We're proud to have Murray, Wamsley & Schrader, LLC (MWS) as part of our team as of January 2019.

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Growing Team

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When you’re passionate about your Purpose, about helping each client reach their financial goals and Making Lives Better, it shines through in everything you do. At HeimLantz, our whole team lives our Purpose and Core Values with passion. They have committed the firm’s Core Values to memory- Just ask them!


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One of our foundational Core Values is centered on relationships. We believe in creating strong relationships with our clients based upon mutual honesty and integrity. Further, our team is committed to understanding your needs and working toward your goals as if they were our own. We measure our value through the success of our clients.


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Most people don’t think of CPAs as innovators but innovation is another Core Value that our HeimLantz team lives by. The pace with which our world is changing today means that what we did yesterday might not be sufficient tomorrow. So our team is committed to thinking outside the box, seeing new possibilities, and looking for hidden opportunities. Are you looking for a little innovation from your business advisors?


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Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.” At HeimLantz, collaboration is one of our Core Values because we believe in this principle. We combine strength and wisdom because we know that we’re going to get the best results through true synergy. But it’s not just our team members that collaborate…We believe in collaboration with our clients and the other advisors we serve. We’re ready to collaborate with you!


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We strive to create a different experience and environment for our clients and our team members, a culture that lives and breathes our Purpose and Core Values. It’s this culture that allows us to develop relationships, not business transactions.


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Every company needs a Purpose, a “Why” they do what they do.

At HeimLantz our Purpose is Making Lives Better.
At HeimLantz our Purpose is Making Lives Better.