Federal Government Contractor Accounting & Compliance

As a business that does work for the federal government, you are faced with a unique set of challenges that other businesses are not. You are subject to a wide, complex, and ever-changing set of accounting principles and cost standards. In order to maximize profitability and increase value within your organization, you need valuable advice and guidance.

We have worked with government contractors throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia for over three decades. We have the team and experience necessary to provide valuable recommendations for contractors of all sizes. We will work closely with you to develop an understanding of your business and create customized recommendations and solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our team consistently remains up to date on changing policies and standards that impact businesses like yours that work with the federal government. This enables us to provide timely and meaningful proactive advice to business owners.

The services we offer to government contractors include:

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The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is in the final stages of releasing its highly anticipated, $60B+, multi-agency contract, OASIS Plus (OASIS+). A family of multiple award IDIQ contracts for non-IT professional services, GSA’s Best- In-Class OASIS+ is expected to be the premier professional services contracting platform for many years to come. Download our whitepaper for more information.