Executive Team Coaching

Being at the top of an organization can feel very lonely. Many leaders of organizations feel stressed and frustrated. They often feel like they have no time to work on the things that will help them move the organization toward their vision of what could be. The problem is that most leaders of organizations spend entirely too much of their time firefighting which undoubtedly ensures that the feelings of stress and frustration will never end and their vision will remain just a vision.

If this sounds familiar, we offer an innovative approach aimed at helping you in achieving your business goals. We start with five key targets:

  1. Create a strong, contagious culture
  2. Create and execute a strategy that differentiates you from the competition
  3. Hire people who are aligned with your organization’s culture and strategy
  4. Create a Business Growth Road Map and execute it on a consistent basis
  5. Create cash flow and efficiencies to fuel the growth of your business

The HeimLantz executive team coaches are 7 Attributes of Agile Growth Certified Coaches and members of Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches. They are prepared to guide you through the proven, practical, and action-oriented business growth method used by 4000 companies worldwide. With over 60+ combined years of experience in not only Leadership Team Coaching but also being CPAs, our team has the knowledge and acumen needed to transform you and your fellow leaders into a strong, aligned, and effective leadership team.

for an extended Memorial Holiday weekend from May 24-28.