Box FAQs


For your security and convenience, we provide all clients with a personalized client portal, through box. Below you will find instructions and some FAQs about setting up your client portal. Most of the steps below will only need to be done during this initial setup phase. Once you have set up your client portal, you will be able to share and collaborate with our team in a convenient and secure manner.

**Recommendation: Please complete these steps below on a computer for full functionality. supports both Windows and MacOS.

(For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari when accessing the website)

Box FAQs

(The folder that we have shared with you is what is accessible with your accountant, any folders or documents created outside of your client portal folder we do not have access to).

  1. Simply Select the file that you would like to move inside of your client poral folder. Now drag and drop it into the client portal folder.Step 15
  2. Or you may select the file and navigate to the right of the file and select the first icon with three dots. Choose the Move or Copy option.Step 16
  3. Then select your client portal folder and then click Move. This will drop the files into your client portal folder.Step 17
  1. After uploading your files. Select the file you would like to preview and add comments or notes to your accountant regarding the files.Step 18
  2. Navigate to the bottom right of your page and you will see a text box area to type in comments. Start typing in your comment/note to your accountant. Then type the @ symbol following with your accountant’s name with no spaces. You will see the accountants name appear from the list. Select your accountant’s name from the drop-down list.Step 19
  3. Type in your note. Then click Post. This feature will enable a notification to your accountant regarding a comment you have @metioned them and posted.Step 20

Select the file you would like to download from your client portal folder. Then navigate to the right of the file when you are in preview mode and click on Download.

Step 21

  1. Go to your client portal folder titled by client ID and client name. Once you are sitting inside of your client portal folder. Navigate to the right of it and click “New +”.Step 22
  2. The select Folder from the drop-down menu to create a new subfolder.Step 23
  3. You will be prompted to name your folder. Name it, then click Create.Step 24

Once you log into your Box account, on the top right-hand corner of the page there is a bell notification icon. Click on that icon and you will be able to see all your notifications along with notes that your accountant has mentioned and posted referencing to the files for review. You will also receive an email notification that your accountant has @metioned you.

Step 25

  1. Once your logged onto to your Box account, navigate to the upper right corner of your screen and click on your initials, then select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.Step 26
  2. Navigate to Notifications tab on the top of your account settings page, then check off the box for uploads in the column that indicates “In Items I’ve Joined.”Step 27
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen select Save Changes. You will now receive automatic email notifications whenever a file is uploaded onto your client portal folder.Step 28

Navigate to the left-hand side menu panel and click on “All Files” this will take you back to the home page.

Step 29

If you still need assistance, please contact us via the form below or contact our Box Expert direct at 703-341-4253.


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