Nicole Roudiez, CPA

Nicole Roudiez, CPA

Nicole Roudiez, CPA

Outsourced Accounting Business Unit Leader

As a child, Nicole loved to play with Legos.

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The top three items on Nicole’s bucket list are hiking in Peru, going on safari in Africa, and touring the vineyards on the South Island of New Zealand.

As a child, Nicole loved to play with Legos.

Nicole’s favorite place in the world is the Lanikai Pillbox in Kailua, Hawaii at sunrise.


With more than a decade of experience, Nicole is a huge asset to HeimLantz. She is a determined professional who seeks to put more into the world than she gets out of it. A lifelong love of numbers made pursuing a career in the business field an easy choice, and Nicole’s work ethic and determination have allowed her to achieve significant success.

A member of the HeimLantz team since 2022, Nicole serves as the firm’s Outsourced Accounting Business Unit Leader. In this capacity, she is responsible for overseeing HeimLantz’s Client Accounting Advisory Services Department. Nicole is fully committed to her clients and to her teammates; if she says something can get done, she will do whatever it takes to meet that commitment. Prior to joining HeimLantz, Nicole owned a restaurant in Annapolis before spending the next seven years as a small business consultant.

Nicole was born in New York City but raised in Annapolis. Her favorite aspects of the city are the crabs and the Blue Angels. In her free time, Nicole enjoys trivia and travelling. Her favorite destinations are Tuscany, Italy, the Great Ocean Road in Australia, and Anguilla.



Miami University of Ohio

  • Bachelor of Science in Business


  • Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA)
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

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