Madeline Nicolaisen
Staff Accountant

An eager and talented young professional, Maddie works hard every day to provide the best client service possible. She believes in the value of being willing to undertake any task at hand, regardless of whether it is considered menial. An eager learner, Maddie is currently in pursuit of a Certificate in Financial Accounting in order to be eligible to take the CPA test.

Maddie is proud to say that she established her professional accounting career with HeimLantz. She started as an intern before joining the team fulltime as a staff accountant in 2019. In her current role, Maddie works on a variety of projects for firm clients. Her responsibilities include tax returns, tax planning, litigation support, business valuation services, and meeting with clients.

Raised in Santa Cruz, California, Maddie and her twin brother grew up in an adoptive family. In 2018, Maddie married her husband, Dave, and they settled in Annapolis, Maryland. Maddie loves returning to California each year for Thanksgiving, her favorite holiday. She relishes the time spent with her family and friends there: “[We] get together in this tiny remote town in northern California and eat mountains of delicious food.” Though Maddie is very devoted to her job—she often spends late nights at the office focusing on client work—she still finds time to pursue personal hobbies. She and Dave enjoy cooking and baking together.


  • University of Maryland
    • Bachelor of Art in Economics (2018)
  • Anne Arundel Community College
    • Certificate, Financial Accounting (in progress)

Getting to know Maddie:

What is the strangest talent you have?
“I have no depth perception so I can’t see anything in 3D. I can’t watch 3D movies but I am really ‘talented’ at walking into motionless objects.”

What are three things on your bucket list?
“I want to see the northern lights, visit the Greek Islands and Spain, and learn to bake mirror-glaze cakes.”