Cubi Perrin

Cubi Perrin

Senior Accountant

Her name is pronounced like QB.

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An interest in business led Lifang “Cubi” Perrin to the United States as an International Trade Specialist in 2010. Her focus soon shifted to accounting since it offered businesses the type of solution-based approaches that most appealed to her. This also aligned with a penchant for being reliable and straight to the point.

Her appetite for learning led to a post-graduate accounting degree. At HeimLantz, she is a Senior Accountant for the Government Contracting Business Unit, focusing on government contractor accounting and compliance, and also providing tax services for individuals and businesses. Approaching a decade in accounting, Cubi previously worked at Chevron & Rockers LLP, specializing in commercial and government contractor accounting. She likes knowing that her work also helps local communities.

Having the good fortune to immigrate to this country from China with her parents and three siblings, she has adopted the mindset to be thankful and live. She resides in Columbia, Maryland with her husband and two children where she enjoys the four seasons and the beauty of nature. Free time activities include hiking, fishing, biking, and playing video games. Cubi enjoys living life by her favorite quote, “Don’t worry, be happy.”



University of Maryland Global Campus

Master Degree in Accounting and Financial Management

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