Jessica Clarke

Jessica Clarke

Office Manager

Jess’s favorite holiday is Halloween.

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Jess’s favorite holiday is Halloween. It combines two of her favorite things: autumn and all things spooky.

Her personal motto is, “I am the only me on the planet and that is my superpower”.

The most inspiring part of Jess’s job is having the ability to shift a person’s day in a positive direction by making them laugh or simply listening as they share what is weighing on their minds.


Jess started HeimLantz as a seasonal admin in early 2023 and was quickly promoted to the role of Office Manager. Prior to joining the firm, Jess spent several years as an animal caretaker.  Her experience working in the animal field gave her the opportunity to co-found an animal rescue, where she served as president for five years. Jess also worked as an Executive Administrator for a real estate team.

An empathetic individual who is often regarded as the office “therapist,” Jess strives to create spaces where people feel comfortable being their most authentic and vulnerable selves. She brings an unwavering resilience to the workplace that can best be summarized by her favorite mantra: “The sun will rise, and we will try again,” which encourages her when things aren’t going to plan and serves as a reminder that tomorrow always has the potential to be better.

Born in Saint Mary’s County, Maryland, Jess currently resides in Lexington Park with her four cats: Poe, Flint, Count Dracula, and Meadow. An animal lover through and through, Jess has helped to rescue over 100 cats and kittens. When she isn’t at work or rescuing animals, she enjoys reading and exploring local hiking spots.

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