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Lorraine Lagana

Operations Assistant

Lorraine enjoys training dogs.

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Lorraine learned an important lesson—to be grateful for everything you have and never take another life for granted—when a fire destroyed her home, including everything she owned and her one-year-old kitten.

Her favorite quote is, “If you’re going to be one thing, you ought to be efficient.”

Lorraine is one of seven children in her family. She is the oldest and has three brothers and three sisters.


Efficiency is Lorraine’s chief goal, and she achieves it every day. Though she is a determined professional, she also shows great compassion for the people around her. When asked what inspired her to pursue a career in accounting, she replied that it was not accounting. Rather, she explained, she wanted to work for HeimLantz, in particular, because of how the firm’s core values align so perfectly with her own.

Lorraine began as an office manager with HeimLantz and now serves as the Operations Assistant for the firm. She has valuable prior experience in other fields that translates well into her current position. She has cultivated a reputation for being efficient and doing whatever it takes to make clients smile.

Raised in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, Lorraine’s family moved around a lot. She is now settled in Southern Maryland with her Irish-Doodle, Scamper. She loves living near her family, who currently reside in the same area. In her free time, Lorraine’s favorite activity is training dogs.


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