Renee L. Cosgrove

Renee L. Cosgrove

Renee L. Cosgrove

Marketing Coordinator

Renee has lived all over the world.

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Get to know Renee

Renee’s absolute favorite place in the world is Texas. She loves every part of the state. If she had to pick just one city in Texas, she would say El Paso. The smell of the desert, the mountains, and culture are just so comforting. Every time she visits, she feels like she’s home.

If Renee could choose any other profession, she would want to be a librarian. She loves reading, writing and research. It would be the perfect job!

What are three things on your bucket list?

Three items on Renee’s bucket list? She would like to learn and get a license to drive a bus (she thinks that would be fun), she would like to do a cross country trip with my family (maybe in the bus she learned to drive), and she would like to go to Spain.


Renee joined the HeimLantz team with over 15 years of retail, customer service and management experience. With so many years focused on giving quality service to customers, Renee values the importance of a great client experience. She is motivated by collaboration and teamwork, and working together to reach a common goal and build lasting client relationships.

As the firm’s executive assistant, Renee’s role at HeimLantz includes not only assisting the executive team with the firm’s strategic plan and marketing, but also supporting the firm’s day to day functions. Renee’s sales experience has helped elevate the firms marketing and development goals. She also manages client events, and supports the firm during tax season.

Renee loves to stay active.  As a military child, Renee has lived in both the United States and Europe, living in places like California, Georgia, Texas and Germany.  Renee had the extraordinary experience of living in Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall. Renee currently resides in Crofton with her family, three cats, two dogs and hedgehog.  Renee and her family are big movie fans and spend a lot of their weekend’s checking out the newest movie releases.  Renee is also an avid runner. In her free time, she enjoys reading, yoga and spending time with friends and family.



Anne Arundel Community College


  • Association for Accounting Marketing

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