HeimLantz Collects Coats for Children’s Charity

For the third year in a row, HeimLantz teamed up with The Child and Family Network Centers (CFNC) to participate in a winter coat drive for a local Alexandria, Virginia classroom.

“Each year, our staff impresses us with their generosity,” said Laura Macauley, COO of HeimLantz. “When we are able to team up with CFNC, we don’t take it for granted. In the spirit of Making Lives Better, being able to have a positive impact on our community means a lot to us.”

Over the course of the drive, HeimLantz team members collected 17 coats for children. This is most the firm has been able to donate – a proud accomplishment!

The Child and Family Network Centers has been a nonprofit community anchor for over 30 years. Their mission is to provide caring, quality, free early education and related services to at-risk children and families in their own neighborhoods in order to prepare them for success in school and life. CFNC also offers family and health services including parental education workshops, healthy nutrition courses medical screenings.  Free, early education and comprehensive services are provided in eight classrooms in communities that have the highest concentrations of families living in poverty in Alexandria, VA.

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