Experts Discuss Strategic Exit Planning With Local Business Owners

daniel russell heim lantz leads expert panel on business exit planning in maryland

On May 8th, the Maryland Tech Council hosted their latest business-forward event at the Technology Advancement Center in Columbia, Maryland.

The business panelists covered a full range of topics relevant to business planning with expert insight provided by a CEO, business investor, mergers & acquisitions attorney, govcon specialist, and venture fund leader. This in-depth knowledge was presented from a business owner’s perspective, with attendees remarking that the information was accessible and relatable to entrepreneurs at all levels.

The enlightening panel discussion was directed by Daniel Russell, CPA.ABV.CFF, CVA, MSA, Director of Business at HeimLantz. Featured panel members were Andre Castillo of FVLCRUM Fund, Kathryn Hickey from McDonald Hopkins, Mark Machi from HeimLantz, and Steve Pritchett from Evergreen Advisors.

There are specific strategies that can increase value to your business prior to a business sale, merger, or acquisition. Many of these should be launched years in advance of an exit to maximize value to the seller.

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