DeeDee Janos

DeeDee Janos

DeeDee Janos

Office Manager

DeeDee is known as the Firm Mom.

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DeeDee is better known as the Firm Mom at HeimLantz. Not only does the team love and appreciate the attention to detail and care she provides every day, but clients too! Often when clients visit the office, they look for DeeDee at the front desk, bringing her treats and coffee as gratitude for the service she provides to them. Prior to joining the HeimLantz team, DeeDee worked in the retail and restaurant industries. With her extensive background in management and customer service, DeeDee is an asset to the firm. DeeDee’s commitment to precision and accuracy is always above and beyond. Her belief lies in “treating everyone the way you would want your grandmother to be treated.”

DeeDee’s day-to-day functions at HeimLantz’s generally included client relations, shipping and mailing, managing office equipment, office errands, event planning, and scheduling. While DeeDee never has a dull moment, she always makes time to ensure the office is properly stocked with supplies and tasty treats for better productivity, and happy clients and employees.

DeeDee currently reside in Annapolis, however, can often be found in Austin, Texas visiting her children and granddaughters. DeeDee is a dedicated member of her church and a volunteer with Samaritans Purse, an organization that provides Christmas gift boxes to children through their ministry. In her free time, DeeDee loves spending her time with family and friends, listening to music, and relaxing.

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