Career Resources for Accounting Professionals

By: Zack Greene

Careers in the accounting field are exciting and varied. You can choose to work in public or private accounting; you can focus on the tax or audit side; you can choose to specialize in a niche area or serve a wide array of clients. Whether you are considering joining the accounting field, looking to transition to a new firm, or are simply seeking to improve yourself professionally, there are a wide variety of career resources available for accounting professionals.

The resources listed below are useful for everyone—from new graduates to seasoned CPAs and everybody in between. To get the most out of your accounting career, you should spend time studying and understanding the issues important to your field.

Remaining aware of important news and issues impacting your career field of choice is key. You should regularly keep an eye on one or more of the accounting resources listed below.

State Societies
Holding membership in your state CPA society is likely recommended, thought not required, by your firm. These societies offer members a variety of fantastic resources, including networking events, opportunities to earn CPE, and resources for those in search of new job opportunities. Click here for a list of all the state CPA societies.

The internet boasts a wealth of blogs—which can be a good or a bad thing. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of vetted blogs that offer consistent and good advice for accounting professionals.

If you prefer listening to reading, you’re in luck! There are a wide variety of accounting-focused podcasts available. Consider subscribing to one or more of the following:

Job Resources
For accounting professionals seeking to make a career transition, there are a lot of helpful resources. Whether you’re actively seeking a job, simply looking to explore what sorts of career opportunities are available, or even seeking qualified candidates to fill a position at your firm, below are some great resources for you.

Getting Started

Perhaps you’re intimidated by this lengthy list—that’s understandable. Consider trying to explore one item from each category this month. Find out what you like (and what you don’t), then use what you learn to decide how to proceed and which items to work into your daily routine.

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